Project Documentation

On this page you can find some of our project documentation – photos, reflections, blog posts, interviews and more – packaged to give you useful insight into the project. Click on the below photos to read more about the seminar/activity that you are interested in.

Flinders_project docu_final_297 24–25 November 2014
Seminar: Timor-Leste – Challenges of a New State in the Asian Century, Flinders, Australia
17-20 September 2014
Conference: Voice & Matter – Glocal Conference on Communication for Development, Malmö, Sweden
18-22 September 2014
Workshop: Mediating the Glocal Classroom, Malmö, Sweden
22-23 May 2014
Seminar: Communication for Social and Environmental Change, Guelph, Canada
Stellenbosch Seboka_project docu_final_218 25-26 March 2014
Seminar: Transforming Education through Technological Innovation, Stellenbosch, South Africa
28 March 2014
Seminar: Art/iculation and Social Change, Capetown, South Africa

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