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flinders-campus-redFlinders University has a long-standing commitment to some core principles; community engagement, innovative and translational research,  educational opportunities for all, and high quality teaching.  We have staff, students and alumni from over 100 countries, with careers and lives that enrich communities throughout the world.  We are proud of what we do.

Flinders’ achievements are underpinned by networks of strong external links, especially with the communities we serve. We commit to being a university that is outwardly engaged, building supportive and valued relationships that are vital for the future.

Our involvement with the Glocal Classroom initiative is an example of that commitment.  It allows us to join with educators and researchers in finding innovative ways to interact and educate globally on pressing social issues with local roots, but global resonances.

The Flinders University contribution to the Glocal Classroom takes the form of an academic program on Timor-Leste.  This is a young state, geographically close to Australia, and situated within a global context known as the Asian Century. ‘Timor-Leste – Challenges of a new state in the Asian Century’ explores these issues.  It is offered as a two-day summer intensive over 24-25 November 2014, to postgraduate students and interested upper level undergraduate students (curriculum will be available here soon).  This workshop will be streamed globally, and will be interactive, as an experiment in ‘global education’.

Directly following the two-day intensive, there will be a half-day workshop on the convergence pedagogy employed for the workshop. This will review the lessons learnt from the Glocal Classroom process,  and discussion on the way forward from there.

Please consider joining us in person or online!

Please contact susanne.schech@flinders.edu.au if you want to know more about this exciting intensive.


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