The Future of Web-based Learning

13714109754_26d8970d85_mMikael Rundberg is Adjunct and Interaction Designer at the Master’s Programme in Communication for Development at Malmö University. He has more than ten years experience of mediating the virtual classroom. Here he shares some reflections on future challenges in the field.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in web-based learning today?
“I think we need to think more about mediating content. Web-streaming shouldn’t just be about transferring information, we need to think of content as expressing engagement. I want to see more qualitative work, teachers taking the role as producers and expressing their pedagogy in new ways. This requires access to multiple camera environments and userfriendly videomixers, for example.

Could you tell us a little more about what “mediating” means for you?
“It’s about describing the physical room and the dialogue between people in pictures. I try to think of web-streaming as TV production where you use various forms to get your message across. And in this process I also think it’s important to encourage the person involved in the content to take on the role as producer and handle the camera. This is one of the challenges we are facing at Malmö University today.  We are trying to build up an organization that can enable more teachers to produce video material in the future.“

How important is it to use the correct platforms or web-streaming services?
“I’m not interested in fighting a “platform war” Rather than discussing platforms, I’m interested in discussions on a design level. Today you can, more or less, multistream to several platforms simultaneously. I’m looking forward to discussing different takes on this in the project!”

Thank you!

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