Getting to Guelph and Things to Do

Getting to Guelph from Pearson International Airport (Toronto)

The most efficient and direct (and pretty much the only) way to get to Guelph from the airport is the Red Car Airport Shuttle can be booked directly at: Note:  Red Car prices are cheaper if there is more than one person going to the same address. *Invited speakers will be sent a pre-paid reservation code for the Red Car which will take them directly to their hotel.

Getting to and From Toronto (not the airport) By Train

Via Rail runs daily train service within the Toronto-Guelph and regional corridors. Schedules vary. Please find information and make reservations here:  This train goes into downtown Toronto does not run between the airport and Guelph.

Getting to Guelph by bus (not from the airport)

Guelph has various bus services (Greyhound Bus; GO Bus) within the region between the Greater Toronto Area and Guelph, as well as with other cities. See:

Visitor Resources

University of Guelph Campus Map:

City of Guelph and Wellington County Tourist Office with information on dining, nightlife, special events and much more:

A terrific walk anytime of the day right on campus! U of Guelph Arboretum

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