Conference: Glocal Classroom in Tanzania!


27–29 April 2015 Glocal Classroom members Micke Rundberg and Anders Hög Hansen, both from Malmö University, participated in the conference Learning together for Change – Advancing Education for All through Higher Education in Arusha, Tanzania, with the workshop Technology Approaching Pedagogy and Learning.

The conference gathered some 160 people from 20 different countries. Among these 15 Swedish and 24 African universities were represented, along with a range of other international universities and organizations.

The workshop gave an inspirational introduction to the “Glocal Classroom Story,” and discussed organisational as well as practical and pedagogical points of view in web based learning. A range of questions were discussed in smaller groups and will be incorporated in a concluding report with recommendations to the UNESCO World Education Forum that will take place in Korea, May 2015.

Micke Rundberg, Interaction Designer at the Master’s Programme in Communication for Development at Malmö University, was pleased with the day:

“As an integration designer it was really inspiring to receive input from so many different perspectives. In a country as Sweden we are really spoiled with technical equipment and stable Internet connection. Many of the participants here today struggle with problems that I think any programmer should meet and learn from. It makes you reflect on what we do, and how you approach the development of new learning technology. ”

Learn more about the workshop:





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