Conference: ICT in Teaching and Learning up for Discussion at International Conference

Glocal Classroom members Micke Rundberg and Anders Hög Hansen, both from Malmö University, will represent the Glocal Classroom at the international conference “Learning together for Change – Advancing Education for All through Higher Education.”

The conference takes place 27–29 April 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania. The organizers welcome students, researchers and higher education representatives; school administrators and teachers; policy makers; practitioners and other stakeholders with interest in the conference themes and goals.

The aim of the event is to discuss how Higher Education and research can contribute to the Education for All movement – a UNESCO led, global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth and adults.

The conference will be structured around eight different workshops. Micke Rundberg and Anders Hög Hansen will host one of them, under the title “Technology Approaching Pedagogy and Learning.”

“We want to discuss the pedagogical application of ICTs in teaching and learning, in particular in higher education, and their adaptation to other contexts in the world. We believe that the development of glocal classrooms* could be an important tool in the work towards achieving education for all,” says Anders Hög Hansen.

Conclusions from the workshops will be fed forward to the UNESCO World Education Forum in Korea, May 2015, where the post-2015 education agenda will be discussed.

Learn more about the conference here:

*Yes, you read correctly, the glocal classroom. We use this term partly to distinguish it from the many Global Classroom projects around the world, but mostly because glocal is a more adapt term to characterize the process of globalization, which has made the global-local dichotomy irrelevant.

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