#voiceandmatter: “It was Lovely to Meet and Learn from Each Other”

Voice & Matter – Glocal Conference on Communication for Development took place at Roskilde University and Malmö University on 17–20 September 2014. Around 120 people, from more than 30 different countries, visited the conference every day. Add to that the around 100 people per day who followed the conference online. The recorded streams from the conference are available here.


Andrea Cornwall’s opening speech on “Reframing Development: From Assistance to Global Justice” set a perfect tone for the remainder of the conference. In the conference evaluation it was clear that her speech, alongside the Politics of Hope panel, featuring a special interview with Arjun Appadurai, stood out for many of the participants.

The panel “Voice: The Return of the Politics of Hope?” was based on an interview with Arjun Appadurai, made by Ronald Stade, professor at Malmö University.  With speakers such as Sheela Patel from Slum Dwellers International – the largest urban slum dweller movement in the world, nominated for the Nobel Peace Price in 2014; and the prolific and engaging anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen, the panel attracted a big crowd.

Another stand out session was the film screening of  “The Stuart Hall Project” by John Akomfrah, followed by a stimulating, intellectual conversation between Baroness Lola Young and Faye Ginsburg. Listen to Baroness Lola Young and Faye Ginsburg talk about the work of Stuart Hall here.

Workshop on Live-Streaming and Pedagogy

Parallel to the conference a workshop on media technology and the use of live-streaming in classroom settings, especially targeted to participants of the Glocal Classroom project, was organized by Mikael Rundberg, Björn Lundgren and Linda Karlsson at Malmö University.

“It was lovely to meet and learn from each other, that to me was really important. There is a sense of openness in this project, about sharing expertise, which I really value. It’s sometimes rare in academia,” said Sonya Strydom, Centre for Learning Technologies at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Richard Gorrie from Open Learning and Educational Support at Guelph University, Canada, also took part in the workshop.

“It’s important to come and work in other countries, and discuss the values of these different classrooms, from multiple perspectives. I really like talking with people who have that diverse range and don’t just look at technology as separated to pedagogy and teaching,” he explained.

Watch photos from the workshop here.

More Voices about the Conference

“I like the mixture of participants from all disciplines; students, practitioners, journalists, and the online and offline thing – all the material from the conference is there forever! We can view all these recordings, and there is so much inspiration. I think it will help me with my dissertation!”

Anand Sheombar, ICT Consult and PhD Candidate, Netherlands

“I just started the ComDev master’s programme at Malmö University, and decided to come here in person to see the school and feel that it’s real and not just something I do online. I work in corporate communications, so it’s been very useful for me to meet people here who actually work in the field, and to learn about the actual stuff going on on the ground – I especially liked the talks by Sheela Patel and Stefania Milan.”

Krystle van Hoof, Public Information, World Food Program, Bamako, Mali

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