Guelph Seminar: Project Documentation Ready

In the project documentation from the Guelph Seminar you can, among other things, read about the Glocal Classroom in an interview with Helen Hambly Odame, associate professor at University of Guelph.

“I like how we were able to bring in the other Glocal Classroom partners speaking with us all here in Guelph, despite the time zones, crossing great distances,” she explains.

Other texts include reflections from a students point of view.

“Participating in the Glocal Classroom Project was a unique experience that allowed me to share ideas and network with a group of very motivated and talented youths and professors involved in ComDev work in many parts of the world,” writes Antonio Palazuelos Prieto, one of the students who received a travel grant to attend the seminar on-site.

Click on the photo below to read more about the Guelph Seminar.

Guelph Seminar_218

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