Guelph Seminar: “I Think it was a Fantastic Event”

The second seminar in the Glocal Classroom series took place 22-23 May 2014 and was arranged by University of Guelph. Focusing on communication for social and environmental change, the seminar was a natural transit from the first seminar on transforming education through technological innovation in Stellenborsch Seboka 25-25 March.

The two-day seminar was filled with interesting panels, presentations and media installations. Oscar Hemer, professor and coordinator of the Communication for Development master’s programme at Malmö University is one of the founders of the Glocal Classroom project:

“A great accomplishment of this conference was that while it was focusing on the technology, the glocal classroom, it also had a very clear communication for development profile and not least the interaction with the student was very important. I enjoyed the relaxed form of the panels. It was a quite short programme, but you still got the feeling that it contained a lot,” he said.

The programme covered a wide variety of topics – from Digital Social and Environmental Change and Journalistic Frames on Representation and Globalisation to Mediated Transformations of Rural and Remote Areas of Canada and had some 30 speakers presenting their work and research.

“I think it was a fantastic event and there was a nice flow to the sessions,” said Tobias Denskus, senior lecturer at Malmö University.

One of the stand out sessions was organised in collaboration with Guelph’s Campus Community Radio Station, CFRU 93,3. The World Café On-the-Air invited five Guelph graduates to talk about and discuss their research and experiences in community radio and social change issues in a living room setting.

“I think that the World Café session was really innovative, as the radio stations often don’t come into the academic institutions in a pedagogical manner and so that to me was proven a real success,” said Helen Hambly Odame, associate professor at University of Guelph, and one of the main organisers of the Guelph seminar and continued: “I would like to try to look at this a little bit more and see how we can accredit the volunteer experience in campus community radio on the one hand, but also take content and serialise it as learning objects on the other hand.”

All broadcasts from the Guleph seminar can be found here.

For photos from the seminar, have a look here.

Text: Rebecca Bengtsson

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