Seminar: Art/iculation and Social Change

While in Stellenbosch, the Malmö University ComDev team is taking the opportunity to organize a seminar in collaboration with RLabs in Capetown. RLabs was founded by Marlon Parker in 2008 as an environment for community driven innovation and reconstruction, empowering people to make a difference in the lives of others. As this goes well in line with the ideas of Communication for Development as a field, it seemed like the perfect venue for a ComDev seminar.

It will also serve as a show case of how ComDev staff at Malmö University work with web-interaction during mixed onsite/online seminars. For more insight into the methods used at the ComDev master’s programme in Malmö, read this previous blog post or tune in to the ComDev presentation during the Stellenbosch Seboka.

The programme includes speakers such as Marlon Parker – founder of RLabs, entrepreneur and advocate for using Technology for Social Good, and Jillian Reilly – consultant, writer and public speaker focusing on developing world issues. Presentations will be held in dialogue with researchers from the ComDev programme at Malmö University, and the audience.

For the full programme and practical details, look here.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

/the ComDev Team, Malmö University

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