Project Launch

A time slot of two hours made it possible to arrange a first Skype-meeting on 30 October 2013. It was a pleasure to see everyone show up on the flat screen that had been rigged for the occasion.

In addition to the joint meeting with all partners, GMT 11.30 AM – 1 PM (7.30 – 9 AM in Guelph, 10 – 11.30 PM in Adelaide), we started off with a ”virtual coffee” session with Flinders at a slightly more convenient time earlier in their evening.

Given the time difference difficulty, the format of the meeting worked as well as we could have hoped, and we agreed to repeat these meetings regularly during the project, perhaps with the participating universities as alternating “hubs.”

The main purpose of this meeting was to get acquainted, to discuss the general outlines and content of the project, and to agree on a timeline, which we did.

The dates of the first seminar, in Stellenbosch, were set to 25-26 March 2014, the second seminar, in Guelph, to 22-23 May, the third one in Malmö and Roskilde to September (exact dates to be decided) and finally, the one at Flinders to early November (exact dates to be decided).

We agreed that the focus of the project should be on pedagogy, rather than technology, and how the impact of online (web-based) learning may affect all students and the general public. The four seminars, hosted by each university, will serve as the backbone of the project, providing real life cases for the pedagogical discussion and development.

Already looking forward to the next meeting!

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